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We are a dream team of data engineers, data warehousing experts and advanced analytics gurus.
At Snap Analytics, we believe that sharing valuable data across your organisation securely shouldn't be so hard! Having worked with some of the world's biggest consulting businesses and organisations, we spotted a huge opportunity to simplify data warehousing and analytics projects.

What is the difference between cloud database and traditional database?
Many people ask us about the difference between cloud database and traditional database. We use cloud data warehouse to enable us to combine data from multiple separate business systems into a single, unified view. We extract your data, load it to the cloud and transform it into business insights in a short time, displayed on an easy to use dashboard.
By utilising new technology from our amazing cloud partners, our own Snap 360 framework and the best consultants in the business, we deliver better, faster solutions!
It's our belief that technology alone doesn't solve problems. You need awesome people who also understand your business processes and challenges to help you unearth the diamonds in your data.

Leadership Team

David Rice
David Rice
CEO & Co-founder
Tom Bruce
Tom Bruce
Delivery Lead & Co-founder
Jan Van Ansem
Jan Van Ansem
Co-founder and Data Warehouse Architect
Raj Shah
Raj Shah
Client Delivery Director
Our Values Our Values
Our Values
Innovation. Innovation.

We believe that in this rapidly changing climate, continuous learning is crucial to both business and our people. That’s why we ensure they spend a minimum of 2 weeks per year learning something new!

Trust. Trust.

We trust and empower our peers to do their best work. Delivering Big Data projects can be complex, and we believe that complex problems are best solved by working collaboratively.

Transparency. Transparency.

We believe in radical transparency. It's reflected in the way we communicate, through to our solutions and delivery framework. We ensure that our clients always know what's happening!

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Carbon Footprint

Social Responsibility

We think that successful businesses have a responsibility to help the community and the planet, that's why we choose to offset all of our carbon emissions, and give our employees 1 day per year to raise money for their chosen charity or work in the community!

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