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Staff Testimonial – Hugo

As part of the Snap Analytics team, what role do you play?

So my day to day is working on projects, developing data systems obviously an advisory kind of role but day to day I am working on projects mostly.

Can you describe a full day in the life of Snap Analytics?

Day to day can vary, oftentimes we always start with a stand up in the morning and then depending on what client I am working on or project I may have different tasks but generally just developing data systems for companies. If I am not on a project I will be working on potentially some more experimental things or learning some new software or developing demos for new clients.

What first attracted you to work at Snap Analytics?

So what really interested me about the opportunity to work at Snap, was the new challenges every day. Obviously, I am looking to learn about new software and approach new challenges every day in the consultancy business so I think that is the most thrilling thing for me and what attracted me to work here.

Would you recommend Snap Analytics to anyone else?

Certainly, I would recommend it I don’t think there is anywhere else that you can get so much responsibility so early on in your career and within the year I am going to be here in terms of the amount of responsibility you are going to get and just feeling a part of a team because of the size of the team, I would definitely recommend Snap.

What makes you the most happy working at Snap Analytics?

I definitely think achieving something new and really tackling a difficult problem that I have never seen before, ultimately coming up with a good solution and feeling like I have achieved something new and approach a problem no one has before potentially.

Why this career over anything else?

I think definitely, as I said before it’s an ever-changing landscape. I mean I am very new and I spend a lot of my time training and learning a lot of new software and I have a feeling that will be the case for the rest of my career in data. As an industry that changes and is constantly coming out with new software and everything is developing, there is always new challenges and there is always new tasks to be done.

How have you grown since being at Snap Analytics?

I’d say I have definitely grown a lot in terms of this being my first job in data, I’ve learnt a lot purely from the responsibility that I have been given and projects for clients but also from a personal standpoint definitely, there’s been a different career from which I have worked in previously and I have learnt a lot from that.

If you could describe Snap Analytics in one word, what would it be?

I would say collaborative or cohesive, i’s quite a small team everyone is an integral part of the company and you really do feel like you have an involvement in all of the decisions and the general operations of the company. I have already worked with a load of people a whole lot more experienced than me and that’s been huge in my personal learning but I also like to think I have contributed meaningfully to the company.