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Staff Testimonial – Tinotenda

As part of the Snap Analytics team, what role do you play?

I was an intern from June 2021 to September 2021, I was in charge of automating reports so I used software such as Snowflake which is a data warehouse software and it also uses SQL and I also automated their reporting and internal process using Powerbi which is a data visualisation software.

Can you describe a full day in the life of Snap Analytics?

Usually, it is a morning meeting because I was an intern I have David taking care of me so we would chat and figure out what I was up to that day. He’d help me with any issues I had and he was really open with any questions that I had, I was allowed to ask anything which was really good.

What first attracted you to work at Snap Analytics?

Well, what really attracted me was while on the call with David and Tom they really focused on not just my personal development but also my professional development. That really caught my eye most companies I believe don’t take as much to really look at you as a person they just want to see what you can do for them and not what I can do for them and I was really touched by that.

Would you recommend Snap Analytics to anyone else?

I would recommend it to everyone, it’s a very good company it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s very young and everyone although different age groups you don’t feel left out you always feel like you fit in, everyone tries to make an effort to get to know you on a personal level and I just really enjoy that it feels very comfortable.

What makes you the most happy working at Snap Analytics?

I really like the company meetings getting to see everyone. Yes, there is free food but getting to see everyone is really great, getting to work together and getting help on a personal level is really great as well. 

Why this career over anything else?

I have an interest in this career because I am currently doing a degree in Business Analytics and I want to be able to bridge the gap between data companies and businesses that don’t really understand how to manage data and what they want to do with the data and I believe I have the ability to help them get there.

How have you grown since being at Snap Analytics?

Being at Snap has really helped me be comfortable expressing my opinions and my first week at Snap David told me a quote “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” That really helped because I had a lot of hesitation working with software that I have never worked with before and he really helped me get through it and be comfortable and be open to learning new things.

If you could describe Snap Analytics in one word, what would it be?

Free, I would say it’s free, I am free to express myself, I am free to ask questions, I am free to share opinions, I am free to be myself and unapologetically be myself.