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Staff Testimonial – Will

As part of the Snap Analytics team, what role do you play?

I am a Data Analysis Consultant, it’s quite a broad role I think when I first joined I didn’t know what that would encompass but after being here for 10 months, its really all sorts of things like building dashboards, building data pipelines and talking day to day with clients it really is a super broad role

Can you describe a full day in the life of Snap Analytics?

Day to day at Snap does vary quite a bit but in the morning we always have a call with the team to sort of orientate yourself with what’s going on and any problems you’ve got. The rest of the day will change depending on what projects you’ve got on, so at the moment I am on the Premiere Foods project. I work with that team, we deal with any problems and we work on the development of that project.

What first attracted you to work at Snap Analytics?

I think there were quite a few things that attracted me to work at Snap but I think the size of the organisation is definitely a pro compared to some of the larger corporate organisations you feel a lot more integrated into the team. There are people to talk to and you don’t feel left out by yourself and I think the amount of different roles that you’ll get is really a bonus, you are thrown into the deep end but you learn to swim pretty quickly.
Would you recommend Snap Analytics to anyone else?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Snap, if I could go back in time before I took this job I would definitely say to myself, “that’s the one, apply to that one because you will grow so much as a person, develop so many different skills and it probably one of the best graduate jobs you can get.”

What makes you the most happy working at Snap Analytics?

I think what makes me happiest working at Snap is definitely helping my colleagues, I think that is something you can tell has been integrated into the culture and that ability to talk to everyone and help them when they are stuck and that’s something I noticed when I first joined there is always someone to talk to.

Why this career over anything else?

I think I chose this career over anything is because mainly day to day, the ability to solve problems that actually benefit clients and companies is something I really enjoy. You feel like when you are working on these projects and developing these solutions for companies you are adding business value and you are actually developing something someone will use and find benefit from.

How have you grown since being at Snap Analytics?

As I said I have been at Snap for about 10 months now and I have definitely grown a lot since then. I think in a sense you are thrown into the deep end at the start but it is the best way to learn.

If you could describe Snap Analytics in one word, what would it be?

I think I would say dynamic.