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Trailblazing Data Warehousing and Analytics!

Delivering scalable, serverless cloud architecture with Snowflake…in a Snap.

Build your data pipeline in minutes not months.

We’ll combine data from multiple
sources using the latest
SaaS data automation tools.
We offer our clients automated
integration to almost any data source!

STORE (with Snowflake)
Infinitely scalable, zero
management data warehouse.

We have partnered with Snowflake
to deliver their revolutionary
data warehouse to our clients,
providing lightning speed and
massive scalability.

Access to your data
in a snap.

We work with the very latest self-service BI Tools including Looker, Power BI, Tableau and Microstrategy to deliver compelling data visualisations.
Advanced analytics and data science
With a solid data foundation in place, we can use Machine Learning and AI to provide brand new insights from your data.

Snap 360 Framework

Gartner estimate that approximately 60% of Big Data projects end in failure. At the same time, Forrester state that data driven businesses are growing by 30% year on year!
So how do you become a data driven business without sinking good money after bad into failed data projects?
Big data projects often miss some key fundamentals, which leads to failure. Having the right people, processes and technology in place is crucial. That's where our 360 framework comes in!

Include your end-users in the end-to-end project cycle, and give them a voice…
Our dicovery workshops will ensure that we understand what users really need and want!

Our Ideas 360 portal allows users to submit and vote for the best ideas, helping us to listen and ensure we meet their needs.

A leading collaboration platform to ensure that we can easily share knowledge, documents and ideas!

Reducing the time to deliver and ensuring code is flexible and well documented…

Leveraging automated data pipelines for 100’s of applications, including SAP, Salesforce, Workday and more!

Automated testing and reconciliation tools to improve quality and repeatability.
We deliver faster. Our standard solutions lead to better quality, consistency and speed…

Standard data models
for common Finance and HR processes.

A metadata model and reports to capture and share data quality and profiling metrics.

A comprehensive project management dashboard, so you’ll always understand the time, cost, scope, issues and risks.

No BI standards or best practices? We can share those too.


Do your users and stakeholders
understand the solution?

We always deliver a data catalogue
which describes your data and
where to find it!

We’ll flag sensitive and PII data so
that you are GDPR compliant and
understand your data security risks.

We’ll provide a high level data model
which everyone can understand.

We’ll deliver great online
and face to face training to ensure
users can achieve data greatness!