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A world where data makes sense for everyone.

Data and IT systems are often complex, abstract and poorly communicated. At Snap we aim to address this by making complex ideas and solutions simple and easy to understand. Our 360 framework, team of data experts and focus on clear and relevant communication makes us stand out in a market where technical resources often fail to truly understand and the challenges of business users.

Leadership Team

David Rice

Founder & CEO

Jan van Ansem

Co-Founder / Data Architect

Tom Bruce

Co-Founder / Delivery Lead

Raj Shah

Client Delivery Director

Dan Harris

Chief Revenue Officer

Culture & Values

Case Study: Premier Foods

Retail | Cloud Data Platform | DataOps
Dan Flynn, Analytics Manager at Premier Foods, explains how Snap resolved their data platform challenges.

Case Study: SJP

Finance | Data Warehousing | Architecture
Barney Eccleson, Head of Data Engineering at SJP, outlines what it was like working with Snap Analytics for Matillion best practice.