My name is Barney Eccleson and I am Head of Data Engineering at St James’s Place.

As part of the Snap Analytics team, what role do you play?

We first reached out to Snap because we were looking for expertise in Matillion best practices in how to implement it, so our next platform would succeed.

What challenges have Snap Analytics helped you to overcome?

We had a lot of concerns initially when we looking to implement a whole new architecture, a whole new data platform and lots of challenges around how we made sure we can get it right, something that is going to last for a long time that we are not going to have to rework. Snap really helped us to come up with a series of best practices and helped us implement some of our first deliverables, so we were confident what we were building was going to last for the long term and drive real business value.

What one thing stands out working with Snap Analytics?

I think the best thing about working with Snap is that they are really approachable experts in their fields and its very easy to ask they questions to talk about how you are confused about something and they always give a really concise useful answer and that’s across the whole layer of the team. So our junior developers to our most experienced we are all able to engage really well to get knowledge out of them and that drives really good outcomes.

Can you share what working with Snap Analytics looks like?

So yes working with Snap is great, they are always available for questions which is really good. The communication is great, they deliver fantastic documentation when you ask a question it comes back with diagrams to explain the problem and then they take you through it. I think working with Snap made us feel secure, like we knew that they were there for us to communicate with and we knew they would give us good answers.

Why would you recommend Snap Analytics to someone else?

I definitely would recommend Snap to other people, they’ve done a fantastic job with us and they’ve achieved all the objectives we laid out when we first started talking to them. Hence, why I would recommend them to anyone who asked me for somebody who was really knowledgeable in this space.