Hi, my name is Dan Flynn I am the analytics manager at Premier Foods. We are one of the largest food manufacturers in the UK.

What was it that initially drew you to Snap Analytics?

Us at Premier we wanted to look at finding a company who can look at our data platform and do a review of that and give a view of how we can take that forward and what drew us to Snap was, they are a small organisation, which makes them more focused and more agile which lends well to Premier’s ways of working and we thought they were best suited to work with us.

What challenges have Snap Analytics helped you to overcome?

So Snap have worked with us on our new kind of data platform strategy, so following the initial piece of work we did with them to review that bit of platform, they actually worked with us through our POC phase, or Google concept phase, and through into our productionising of our new data platform which includes Amazon Redshift which Snap have been fully involved with and continued to support us now as we have productionised that service with the ELS support now and they are going to be working with us on multiple projects in that area.

What one thing stands out working with Snap Analytics?

The things that stand out are that they are a very agile team, they got a lot of knowledge across the people that work in their organisation and they are definitely very trustworthy, so I know I can give them a problem and they can resolve that very well. All of these things come together to give us a really good working relationship, and they’ve understood the business problems and we have been able to drive forward some good deliverables. 

Can you share what working with Snap Analytics looks like? 

So we started working with Snap during the pandemic, so that’s when our engagement began so everything was virtual but that didn’t affect any ways of working. We were able to have a daily stand up so even morning we would get together on a call and discuss through what we are currently working on, any blockers and how can we resolve those and that really help give momentum to the project and get things moving. Also in addition to that in our internal process in Premier we need weekly kind of updates to ensure we are getting that rounded view so Snap were able to provide that as well to really drive forward the program and to deliver to what we needed to achieve.

Why would you recommend Snap Analytics to someone else?

I would definitely recommend Snap to other companies, for a lot of the reasons I mentioned. So things like great knowledge skills, great communication skills, understanding the problem solving, the team are a very well gelled team so they work very well with themselves and with us as Premier. Their methodology of agile working really lends well to us and I’m sure to other organisations as well, so for me yes I would definitely recommend working with Snap.