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Data Warehouse
February 21, 2021
The future of SAP Business Warehouse

Enterprises running SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW, BW/4HANA and BW on HANA) are keeping a close eye on challengers like Snowflake. Is cloud data warehousing the answer to all the challenges for organisations with a large SAP footprint? And how

Data Vault
August 3, 2020
Part 1 – What is Data Vault?

What is Data Vault? Firstly, what is Data Vault? Well, put simply it’s a modern approach to designing and building enterprise data warehouses. Most traditional data warehouses are designed and built using concepts from Kimball’s dimensional modelling and Inmon’s relational

June 9, 2020
How to grow your business 30% year on year

There is one abundant and seemingly inexhaustible resource available to every business on the planet - data. By this stage in the game everyone knows that it’s important, but many businesses still don’t know how to harness its undeniable power

April 28, 2020
How data can help you steer the ship

When navigating, many pilots and sailors follow the ‘1 in 60’ rule. This states that if you have travelled for 60 miles with an error in track of one degree then you will have gone 60 miles off course. Scale

May 21, 2018
How to build a Data Swamp!

For those of you looking to build a data swamp, here's what you need to do… First start with technology, don't worry about the Business. That can come later. Make sure your technology can store as much data as possible.